Long time, no post!


It has definitely been a while since I’ve stopped in to the blog! I am working on some new goals and one of them is to be much more present in this space, as well as on my Beth Sperlazza Pottery facebook page. There are a few deadlines coming up for me, mostly applications for fall/winter craft shows, but here are a few images of recent/ongoing work. I am enjoying the added layer of slip transfer using newsprint, I will definitely be exploring this more in the next couple months. I have also been reclaiming clay like crazy for the Christmas ornament rush… I always try and get through at least 120 ornaments without having to use new clay. I have some top secret plans for the ornaments themselves, which I will be trying out soon… I am trying to take a hint from one of my studio mates at LibertyTown and leave a little bit more of my ideas a surprise until they are truly ready to show.

Here are some pictures to leave you with!

greenwaremugs chipanddip beebowl shelvesearthenware

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