Applications, applications, applications….

Heading into this Christmas season I am looking to do several shows beyond my studio in town. I have come to rely too heavily on my setup at LibertyTown for close of all of my holiday income. While it is GREAT that so many of my sales occur in Fredericksburg, I need to stretch myself more and try some new challenges. With that in mind I am applying to at least three holiday shows and will be difficult to get into. There is no way I will get into all of them, so hopefully one or two pan out. Each show wants a different “type” of picture. One show specifically said “no entry photo’s with a black, white, or gradated background”… what?! That is what I had been working on!  I am still figuring things out, and working on what type of “setting” my pots belong in, but I have had fun messing around with my camera taking some different style of pictures.


sm canisters


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