Studio Progress

Just a quick pop in to update you on what I’ve been up to!  First off, I’ve FINALLY gotten myself semi organized and on etsy! Check it out in the link below or click on the box to the right!


In the last few weeks I have bought a kiln, ordered clay, photographed work… pretty much everything pottery related except make a pot! That changes this week…

I spent today moving some things around the garage to get it into working condition for the summer/fall. Later this year the plan is to insulate the garage, but for right now I will just work early in the day and deal with the heat. What I wasn’t expecting was a visitor so soon… a snake! He is really pretty small, just very very long, but he took me by surprise hanging out right where I was about to put my table. I named him Orton… we were co-existing perfectly fine until I went into the house to make some lunch. When I came back out he was missing. Now if he moved on I do not mind, BUT I’d rather know where the snake is then have a daily surprise.  I’ll leave you with some pictures…. one of Orton, and the rest are of my progress today. I also need to invest in some spider repellent… does that exist??




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