Quick Updates

These past few months and been a whirlwind of getting used to such a different pace in the studio. For the past three years I had such a set studio rhythm that it has taken some getting used to this more free form time. Thankfully I have had several continuing commissions to keep some structure to my days.

Bird Serving Bowl

Bird Serving Bowl


I’m already looking towards the holidays and what I want to have out in a few stores, as well as what I want to have available in my online shop. Serving bowls have always sold well for me, as well as the ornaments in the fall. I am thinking of taking a bell idea I made a few years ago and rethinking it, as well as a new twist on some holiday garland.  Here are a few images of treasuries I made on Etsy lately. Thanks for looking!






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  1. Anna Branner says:

    Ugh. Christmas. I have been thinking hard about that myself….