Applications, applications, applications….

Heading into this Christmas season I am looking to do several shows beyond my studio in town. I have come to rely too heavily on my setup at LibertyTown for close of all of my holiday income. While it is GREAT that so many of my sales occur in Fredericksburg, I need to stretch myself more and try some new challenges. With that in mind I am applying to at least three holiday shows and will be difficult to get into. There is no way I will get into all of them, so hopefully one or two pan out. Each show wants a different “type” of picture. One show specifically said “no entry photo’s with a black, white, or gradated background”… what?! That is what I had been working on!  I am still figuring things out, and working on what type of “setting” my pots belong in, but I have had fun messing around with my camera taking some different style of pictures.


sm canisters


Long time, no post!


It has definitely been a while since I’ve stopped in to the blog! I am working on some new goals and one of them is to be much more present in this space, as well as on my Beth Sperlazza Pottery facebook page. There are a few deadlines coming up for me, mostly applications for fall/winter craft shows, but here are a few images of recent/ongoing work. I am enjoying the added layer of slip transfer using newsprint, I will definitely be exploring this more in the next couple months. I have also been reclaiming clay like crazy for the Christmas ornament rush… I always try and get through at least 120 ornaments without having to use new clay. I have some top secret plans for the ornaments themselves, which I will be trying out soon… I am trying to take a hint from one of my studio mates at LibertyTown and leave a little bit more of my ideas a surprise until they are truly ready to show.

Here are some pictures to leave you with!

greenwaremugs chipanddip beebowl shelvesearthenware

New Backdrop!

I finally got around to getting a proper backdrop to use when taking photos of my work. Next I need to set up the lights like I have in mind. These are just a few quick pictures I took yesterday to mess around with the white balance on my camera. More natural looking light instead of the weird yellow track lighting I have now will help things along…Remember you can click on any photo and it will open a larger version.

Small town craft show and a new sewer line…

Well that was a longer break than I had intended. Just a few quick pictures for now to catch up. I have a longer post coming… I promise.

Cross country and back to work

This last month I got to take a two week vacation and drive cross country. Going hiking in many different states and getting to see the pacific ocean for the first time were great ways to spend the beginning of the summer. I love the beach, I could have just stayed along the Oregon coast for the rest of the summer and been perfectly happy. Thankfully I had some pots and new ideas to try out here at home waiting on me to make the transition back a little easier!



Back to work….