The Summer of testing….


New underglazes, new clay, new ideas…

This summer I plan on investing a lot of time into testing new methods and deciding if I want to stick to cone 6 or transition to low fire earthenware. I’ll be sure to post progress pictures as I go along this summer. A great thing about this residency is the freedom that comes from being in such a safety “bubble” in terms of a studio for at least 2 years and ample supplies and inspiration to keep you moving in new ways.

Richmond Arts in the Park


Thanks to everyone who came out to visit me at Byrd Park in Richmond VA!

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Spring Bada Bing 2012

Sunday April 15th I got to participate in Spring-Bada-Bing with the Richmond Craft Mafia. This event was GREAT! What a wonderful crowd and great sales. This group knows how to put on a show! I mean it’s not every event you get quiche and coffee while setting up…

Spring 2012

This spring I’ve been playing with and learning lots more about slips and underglazes.  Layers, layers, layers…. all these layers mean more time spent decorating each piece, though that’s not bothering me much right now. I’m just enjoying combining techniques that I like to use individually and mixing them together and seeing what comes out. Mishima, masking, monoprinting, pouring… click on any image to make it bigger!

Headed towards Christmas…

Lots going on in the studio lately. Making ornaments, making plates, making mugs, making making making…